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Post Info TOPIC: Is there actual virtualization going on?


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Is there actual virtualization going on?

When using Cameyo Offline, is there any actual virtualization going on? Or the Cameyo software runs the application "natively", watch for the changes the app make in the host system, and when you close the app, Cameyo cleans up all the data created in the host system, and store all the changes in the package, much like sytem does?



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So it is some "Sandboxing" . The Offline is tricky,

since Cameyo's tool, is looking for qualification from

live world wide web servers.

The "world wide web" aspect as a comparison to thinking

in unity. That is the purpose. ONE to ---------> many.


Share , hot tools with your corporate colleges (co-workers) licensed

and free.  So software is becoming "a service"  SaaS.

Software delivered as a service. SaaS.....  to many many many users.

See below. 


Yes, in essence there is virtualization. The host / resident single

executing "unity" machine. That's new and unchanged, each session

of a Cam/virtualized module app.   The theory isn't applied however

because that's "Unity  one".  Therefor it act's as a simple MODEL. 


Let me read the question again. Yes, even offline, users create

a "version" of some tool of interest. THat is a cameyo virtualized version.

In successive sessions it will execute without ALTERING the host

laptop. Later, it could be, UNKNOWN it was really (the tool) deployed

on that laptop. So yea it's virtual tool. Say ( a game, you made virtual)


There are lots of pluses. Cameyo's statement of purpose is deploying

SaaS  (software as a service) that the indescrimainte Novice computer user can supply.  The Cameyo approach removes all levels of network,corporate licenses, maintenance of servers, support costs per

package. So it's a huge saver of resources/ man power , but empowering

sharing of (any software titles) and free learning for your consumers.


THese elements.

1)  Users

2) Machines  (Servers)

3) Software titles to share for any consumer with a web connected PC.

4) No geography boundary. (a global Software as a service) SaaS 

5) No costs like maintenance, support, licenses.  can run via any platform like Chromebook etc.......just needs  laptop and a HTML 5 browser and web


6)  The Service via the world wide achieved since a HTML 5

browser is making a REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION into the services

mentioned above.


There are many things like Cameyo.  Hyper V, Xen PC, hypervisor,

HyperOS.......all hierarchy via "virtual "  notion.









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Yes, Cameyo Offline uses virtualization. Changes are sandboxed, not just detected.

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