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Post Info TOPIC: success with Cameyo. THANKS and happy 2018 to all the Cameyo team.

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success with Cameyo. THANKS and happy 2018 to all the Cameyo team.

Hello Cameyo Team, i just wanted to report a great success to you below. (Rant but help for you)


Hello Cameyo Team,

i just wanted to report a great success i have had with Cameyo and to share it with you.

u may remember that in my earlier postings here i mentioned being given several VERY old laptops
from around 2003.

While the laptops are very old, they are in almost perfect condition and some
showed new list prices of 2300 dollars each. (when new in 2003)

A couple of these laptops were cheaper models with only AMD MOBILE ATHLON XP cpu chips
from 2003 which don't have SSE2 sets....just SSE1.

Since SSE2 is missing, these laptops won't run any new web browsers such as CHrome
or Slimjet or Firefox or pretty much anything...i only found Opera 12.18 would work.

Therefor i could not use your Cameyo service.

I hunted high and low for a modern browser that was compiked for just SSE chips and
found Palemoon, but they had only compiled it for THREE types of Athlon chip and
non of them were Mobile laptop chips so it did not work.

Well last week, i searched again and luckily found a new modern browser
compiled for SSe1 which works perfect with Cameyo.

This is real lucky since now these old laptops can become extremely useful
through the cameyo service. The guy that gave me the laptops has many more
so i hope to use Cameyo across the board with them.


I have two reasons to share the good news above with you.

1) i will show you the browsers and then maybe you can advice other extreme LEGACY
hardware users how to use very old hardwarwe with Cameyo.

2) To politely  ask you to try to be careful with future Cameyo upgrades so that these
rare browers don't get BROKEN....when you upgrade.....this has sadly happened
so many times with other browsers in the past few months....i can think of 7 browsers
that broke after Cameyo upgrades, several were on Linux and it had been very cool
running windows apps from Linux........ UNTIL the browsers broke.

With this knowledge above you may be able to help ECONOMICAL people who may
have a situation where their college has maybe 50 old pc's from the 2000's.....which could be
SSE only chips....... and yet can be spun up into great computers via Cameyo this way.

I worked in a PC recycle place myself and i know just how valuable a working
PC is in the world.....and how we would export them to other countries. THese machines
had been dumped by London offices (1000's of them) and yet were perfect. They could also run
Cameyo now via SEAMONKEY 2.48 below.

So below is the browsers i found that work with SSE only chips. That is CPU
chips from around 2000 to 2004....

There are also other browsers compiled for EARLIER chips than that. Chips
that don't contain SSE at all.  These browsers are compiled for i32 chips which
means any regular 32 bit cpu from as early as DURONS by amd...and even earlier
in maybe 1994 etc.

I don't know if those i32 compiled browsers will work with cameyo but it's worth
a try to spin up a virtual machine cpu that is non SSE compliant........ and see if they do.

i know for certain that the SSE compiled browser below works with Cameyo
and SSE cpu Athlon cpu laptops with winXP from around year 2002. (15 years old)

see below........

The browser i found was a version of SEA MONKEY called ...... 2.48 and it had been
specially compiled JUST for SSE chips.

see the download link below. You could try it in a virtual machine with just
an SSE emulated CPU to prove it.

Here is the download link and details
SeaMonkey 2.48
User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:51.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/51.0 SeaMonkey/2.48
Build identifier: 20170521194607
(it's at the bottom there....SEAMONKEY 2.48  more information. You just download the zip file
and winrar it.

Also the FF version of 47 for "SSE only" chips also works there with Cameyo......but is painfully slow on 256 megs ram win XP

The above browser works on ANY version of windows XP machine and almost any SSE cpu such
as Athlons etc from around year 2002.  HOWEVER YOU MUST INSTALL A SMALL EXTRA FILE INTO

THe VS2017 Runtime tool.


Here is an extra tip. If the SEAMONKEY 2.48 does not install or gives errors on executing
it is likely because it's checking for an SSe2 chip and not finding one. THere is a  simple
way around this error. Just download say SEAMONKEY 2.40 and open the zip and grab the SEAMONKEY
executable and past it into your 2.48 zip archiVE overwriting the exisTING one. Then try to insTall
SEAMONKEY 2.48 again and it SHOULD work right


There are other browsers that COULD possibly work with Cameyo and "SSE" only chips like
Athlon chips. They are available on the downloads archive page of PALEMOON BROWSER.
There are two builds for SSE only chips and there are also builds for chips even
earlier than that. 1996 etc DURONS without SSE.

May i ask one further favor of Cameyo. When you  upgrade please don't accidentally
break good browsers. There are very nice win32 browsers for Cameyo such as SLIMJET BROWSER
which is a nice version of chrome and works with regular SSE2 enable chips and winXP.

i use Slimjet wein32 for Cameyo on some laptops. It's great. (while CHROME can be very heavy on 256 megs of ram)

please can Cameyo also try to keep the following always working

1) SLIMJET BROWSER win32 and 64 for regular SSE2 chips.......on any regular winXP  machines (or above)
2) SEAMONKEY 2.48 for SSE only chips...on any regular win XP machines....from around 2002 era.

These also both work on Linux computers for Cameyo.


Also many Linux flavors only require a 486 cpu or up.....Tinycore-Linux for example.

So all of the Tinycore apps and the OS itself can run on cpu's from around 1989 upwards. 

FOr example, Tinycore-linux can run todays latest Firefox 57 on a cpu from 1989 Thus allowing

Cameyo to run through that browser if needed for WIndows apps on Linux. (30 year old cpu's)







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