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Using Cameyo

Hi: I am new to Cameyo and noticed that most applications are of the type "Virtual app (Cameyo) " 

Also, most of the applications come in a module of the form "name".exe. 

My question is whether I can download and run the application on my computer or on a USB thumb drive or do I have to run it in the Cameyo cloud or in a VM? 

Thanks. I suspect this may have been addressed elsewhere but I haven't located the answer. 

Any help appreciated

Jojo no



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Public Apps that show a file size, e.g. OpenOffice is ~605MB, can be downloaded and run as offline packages on your computer, including from a USB drive.  Additionally, these apps can be Played in an HTML5 browser without the need to download them.  The choice is yours.

By downloading Cameyo, you can virtualize your own software.  The packages you build can be used as offline apps on your system, as well as uploaded to your Cameyo account so that they can be Played in an HTML5 browser.  We recommend using a clean VM for building packages, or you can let Online Packager build them for you.  Once built, they can be used on your regular PC.

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Cameyo ......

statement of purpose!. (likely $$$$)

Cameyo "program" a tool , that won't ADJUST anything at all when it's RUN
or interacted with on the local "executing" computer. (doing the work)

Cameyo can then APPLY it's own "behaviuor" to any other software tool that
the person is interested in making "virtual"..

So say you have Cameyo then have 50 other titles for software packages.

Lets say, for arguments like "virtual apps" because they keep the local
windows machine uncluttered and not altered.....Fresh.

Then for said person, would also be nice to "virtualize" some of their 50 favorite

So why all this virtualization?......well, it keeps Windows machines FRESH and not

So nothing is really INSTALLED into the windows machines......they stay Fresh.
Your favorite APPS after "camey-ized" will still RUN GOOD on any windows machines
and they just RUN when you click them.......they don't Need complex INSTALLING
and cluttering-up of the windows machines your interested in.....say 50 spare windows machines.

With this comes HUGE drops in support for Microsoft machines....huge drops in
maintenance of programs.....desktops.......administrators etc.

It basically offers.....more flexibility versus $$$$ in computing infrastructures.

hope you succeed



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