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Post Info TOPIC: A few questions (packaging, updating, isolation and backups)

A few questions (packaging, updating, isolation and backups)

I just discovered Cameyo and read through the manual, but I still have a few questions left.

1. There's a program I'd like to package to keep everything within one folder (because it places its files everywhere). The manual says that a package can be configured so that everything goes into a directory inside the exe's directory. Do I only need to copy this folder, with all its content, to have a full backup of the program and all the changes that happened over time (like updates, plugins and bookmarks in a packed browser, or the emails in a packed Thunderbird), or is there any other location on the system I need to backup? So in case of a reinstall, I just copy the entire folder back and all bookmarks/emails are there again?

2. Can I exclude a specific path from the isolation? I don't want the package to be able to write anywhere outside of its VOS folder, except for e.g. "E:\Downloaded\" which should go to the "real" directory.

3. The program I want to package does auto-updates, meaning it will sometimes download and run an updater which basically installs the new version over the current one. Will these updates be persistant as long as I keep the VOS directory?

4. The manual mentions "Remove traces upon app exit: Leave no registry traces". What are the temporary registry keys and does it make sense to remove them?


Rob "I"


Wow. Zero replies after 13 days is not very promising...  I was pretty excited about running across this product since Altiris SVS was bought and then seemed to have disappeared. But, if there's no phone number for support and no forum support, I guess more research is in order.


-- Rob "I" --




1. You also need to backup the virtual registry (under "VOS")

2. Yes you can. Package Editor -> Files -> Add empty folder ("E_") -> Add empty folder ("Downloaded") -> Change its isolation settings

3. Yes

4. HKCU\Software\VOS\[app id]

Does it make sense to remove them? No. Only if you're strict about "not leaving traces". No other reasons.

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