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Post Info TOPIC: new *free* Dashboard --style Cameyo user web page

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new *free* Dashboard --style Cameyo user web page

Hello Cameyo Team,


Well, it's with tail between one's legs and hiding in a corner

as i see that you have (contrary to my delusions) vastly improved

your Cameyo (run any software in the browser)--service.


This recent upgrade is extremely impressive indeed from yourselves at Cameyo corporation.


It is with great delight that , you have managed to vastly improve your "guest free user" features ---making Cameyo

a serious platform in respect of "taking it to a whole new level".


It is with great delight, that it appears that guest free users

can (almost effortlessly) create their "own" server within the

umbrella of the free-account. It is with great "thanks" that

i salute your Cameyo-teams efforts in improving Cameyo as a "go to" platform now....a platform for serious computing endeavors.


As yet, i have simply recommended the Cameyo platform

to my Facebook friends list (while taking care to not prostitute your--services--never never...)


I will greatly enjoy the freedom your kindness of work & developing Cameyo----now affords me.

The particular note for me and perhaps many potential

Cameyo platform users is now the uninterrupted 1hr-10 min

session on the "own hosted server instance."


I can imagine that it took developers a VERY lot of work

to automate this free "own server" launch feature.

You see Sir, i had often tinkerred in the past with Ec2 and

amazon, but among other things it required visa credit cards

and even if you opted for the TICK BOX which prevented you

ever incurring ANY billing, you still only got a micro instance

of an OS like baby Debian. They do have micro win 2000

instances but ........uh.........(i won't lie, i simply couldn't be bothered)....




May i take this above opportunity to truly sincerely say

THANKYOU to the Cameyo Teams and developers who

have tirelessly knitted together this new "user friendly--extra

level to the great great  great Cameyo Platform.


I sincerely hope that you are in receipt of the investors

that a unique platform of Cameyo's type *deserves* to get.

...........Cameyo is my "go to" platform--- going forward and opens

an ocean of computing "abilities" and desires for me to follow.

long into the future. 

A very very grateful, huge THANKYOU to Cameyo corp. You have

vastly improved Cameyo.








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Thank you Vince. Your words are very touching, and very encouraging indeed. It is part of the fuel that makes us go on.. and on.

Just as a note: the free cloud servers will probably be for a limited time. We will know better after a testing period, seeing if this is viable (and that people don't abuse it for other needs...)

-- Edited by cameyoco on Thursday 6th of July 2017 02:54:26 PM

EDIT: as I was writing this, we were informed by our cloud provider that one the users was mining bitcoins from a free server. In short, we *will* have to put some restrictions / limitations.


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Hello Cameyo Team again,

well thanks for this info...all be it, that it paints an uncertain landscape indeed for Legitimate
Cameyo members, right.

The service of "software as a service "SaaS" Cameyo's purpose and it's totally
massively massively unique in that sense, since Cameyo , is "platform---independant" , right
(sorry for any typos)

Bitcoining (mining) is illegitimate usage of your Cameyo service , since it utilizes offering Bare metal resources out ....that's NOT "software As a Service" OUT... or Apps floating in web .browsers (Out) is it....Sir?

You cloud provider should absorb/cancel there grievances surges "for the most part" and
continue an uniterupted service "that you then outsource" as Cameyo.

So Sir,Madam, as per instructions INDEED my member account has had a "VIRTUAL CAMEYO APP" published within 24 hours, meeting your requisites to then honor that server 
for a good "terms of service" agreement of maybe ,realistically, 3 months. Otherwise i expect it will fall back to the legacy Cameyo pool of worker/servers "mercury" etc.

Somehow Cameyo could perhaps leverage, the above mentioned "grace" 24 stipulate that ----- if an exhuastive cpu for durations thus = (24) is detected, you authorize your cloud provider to throttle that instance forward for 48hrs (throttle down that a trickle )

Sir/Madam, thanks and i look forward to an uninterupted Cameyo service.


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